5 Reasons To Mulch Your Garden

Mulch is a material spread over the soil as a protective layer, often used to grow and maintain a healthy and vibrant garden. Whether you’re interested in suppressing weeds, keeping the soil cool or even adding to the aesthetic appearance of your garden bed, mulch is for you. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits mulch provides below.

1. Helps retain soil moisture

Mulch is praised for regulating soil temperature and retaining moisture. It achieves this through insulation, shielding the soil from the sun, which prevents evaporation and helps keep it cool. It also reduces water runoff during rain and watering, which means it reduces how often you’ll need to water your garden, as such saving money.

However, mulch also helps your garden in the winter by protecting your plants from frost.

2. Suppresses weeds

As with most plants, weeds require sunlight to grow. Mulch keeps them at bay by creating a natural barrier between the soil and the sun, thus reducing the amount of sunlight reaching them. This makes it difficult for weeds to grow, and as such, your plants will have less competition for the vital nutrients that exist in the soil.

There is a large range of mulch available, and the type of mulch you purchase will depend on your garden needs. If suppressing weeds is very important, bark chips, newspaper and pebbles are effective and affordable options.

3. Reduces soil erosion

Without a layer of mulch present, soil around the roots of plants are exposed to the element. They may be washed away in heavy rains or burnt on hot days. Mulch provides a layer of protection between the soil and elements, preventing the soil from being blown or washed away. This erosion control is especially helpful in sloping areas.

4. Enriches the soil

There are a variety of mulches available. If you choose an organic mulch, when it eventually decomposes, it will enhance the soil through the creation of natural compost, which improves both quality and water retention abilities.

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5. Makes the garden look nice

Mulch can enhance your garden in many ways. Aside from the functional purposes it fulfils, it can also make your garden look much nicer. Mulch covers bare soil, which can add a rich colour to your garden. The range of available mulches also provide you with a choice: organic mulches can create a more rustic appeal, whereas inorganic mulches can make your garden look more formal and elegant.

No matter which mulch you choose, however, your garden will be aesthetically pleasing.

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