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Your home, your haven, deserves the best in appearance and resilience to stand through the effects of time and nature.

Plastering is the crucial finishing touch required to safeguard the internal and external walls of your home against rain, wind, sunshine, as well as for sound and thermal proofing the internal areas of your home. Apart from the versatility of plaster in protecting the walls against external factors, plastering sand is also used for ornamental purposes and as decorative mouldings on ceilings and walls. Moreover, plastered walls are sturdier and capable of withstanding wear, as plastering sand is devoid of high level of salts and clay, which can cause shrinkage and cracking.


Find Out How Plastering Sand Is Used

Rendering is the process where a mixture of plastering sand, cement and hydrated lime are applied to the exterior walls of your home to give the desired finish. In rendering, an undercoat called the float coat is applied first, followed by a thinner layer of plaster called the finishing coat. Although the exterior walls of most of the houses are plastered at the time of construction, years of exposure to harsh and fluctuating weather conditions will demand the old plaster to be removed and the walls re-rendered with a new layer of plaster to shield your home against natural elements.

In the case of interior plastering, the walls are applied with a mixture of sand and cement coating, which is followed by a smooth white setting coating. Providing a sturdy surface to add a design or texture onto the walls, ceilings, doors and windows, plastering offers the freedom to design your home in a more sophisticated style. In the last two decades, the trend of internal and external wall plastering has increased substantially due to its durability and cosmetic appearance.


Outdoor Uses Of Plastering Sand

Plastering sand can also be used for extensive gardening and landscaping purposes, ranging from topdressing professional sports fields to parks and golf courses. The plastering sand, having a considerable low content of clay, is used for landscape and gardening purposes as under pavers and bedding sand; and improves drainage.

At Carramar Resource Industries, you will get the finest plastering supplies in Perth.


Wondering How Plastering Sand Is Made?

Plastering sand is made through careful selection of the sand in the lower quarry, which has less clay content. If the required sand is not obtained from the quarries in Western Australia, an amalgamation of two different types of sand is carried out to attain the required plastering sand. In such a situation, a sample of sand with high clay content is selected to blend with a sample of sand with negligible or zero clay content, in order to achieve a plastering sand sample which is structurally pliable and bonds to the surface.


Why Choose Carramar Resource Industries?

If you are looking to build a new home or want to redo the plastering on the walls of your old home or just want some extra decorative oomph added to your haven, contact us at 9405 3877 today to get a quote!