Care For Your Garden With Perth’s Finest Mulch

There’s a reason mulch is used by gardeners and the green-fingered all over the world. Acting as an extra layer of protection for your plants, mulch offers to reduce water evaporation from the soil and regulates temperatures. Mulch shortens the time it takes to water your garden by maintaining soil moisture, so you can spend more time tending to your plant babies.

If you’re looking for a mulch that can be used for garden beds, veggie patches, or larger landscaping projects, then CRI’s Enviro Mulch is a great way to take the stress out of gardening. As Perth’s biggest supplier of sand and soil, we know a thing or two about mulch – so when you choose CRI, you’re choosing to give your garden the best chance at life.

How to Mulch?

The organic enviro mulch from CRI is a great place to start, providing many benefits to your garden. As with most mulches, it’s a good idea to begin with a layer about 3-4 inches deep, and then you can add more later. It’s important that this thick layer is applied to an already weeded area, so it can stop further weeds from growing!

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Organic Mulch

There are two types of mulch that you can choose from, however CRI offers only organic mulch.
It’s made from grass clippings, leaves and manure, and this previously living material naturally improves soil as it decomposes.

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Inorganic Mulch

On the other hand, inorganic mulch is made from gravel or plastic and doesn’t decompose over time. Inorganic black plastic mulch can sometimes be useful for keeping plants cosy, but there’s a reason why putting plastic around your plants sounds concerning. Keep it organic with CRI’s enviro mulch and watch your garden blossom.

How to pick the right mulch...

Think about what you want to gain from mulching your garden. Besides its time-saving properties, your mulch should cover and enrich an area. A helpful tip is to choose a natural looking mulch which suits your space, but also improves the life of your plants.

Uses of Mulch...

You’ve probably got that big hole in the ozone layer to thank for thirsty plants!!
In Australia, mulch helps retain moisture in your garden, meaning you won’t have to water your plants as much – and saves on your water use. Mulching provides plants with nutrients and protects them against the sun, but also improves the appearance of your garden by adding texture, colour and style.

Why CRI’s Mulch is the Best

You can count on CRI to deliver the best mulch for your garden – we’ve been working on it for over 25 years. Our mulch is the finest enviro mulch and its organic quality means it can be used for garden beds, veggie patches or landscaping – helping you to give the best care to your plants.

CRI can help you with however much mulch you need – whether it’s for the garden or for a larger commercial project.

To find out more about CRI’s mulch, contact the experts on 08 9405 3877, or email the team at