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Perth’s premier sand, soil and stone suppliers, Carramar Resource Industries (CRI), provide a range of options suitable for commercial and civil projects.

Commercial and Civil Projects

CRI creates only the finest quality soil, sand, and stone items for all building, construction, hauling, councils, and public projects. On-site, we weigh all loads using CRI’s weighbridges before they leave our facility. CRI offers a very reliable delivery service to all metropolitan areas and beyond. CRI creates all of our items from our Flynn Drive quarry, and they can be purchased and picked up from our quarry.

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Case Study: Recycled Road Base, Recycled Bitumen

When constructing a road, it’s important to take several factors into account. The project must be cost-effective (as local councils have limited budgets), long-lasting, dependable, and low-maintenance, in addition to being of high quality. A crushed concrete road base is a popular choice because it combines small, medium, and dust-sized particles to form a rigid, compressed surface that can support a large amount of weight. CRI Sands have supplied local governments with quality recycled road base to ensure a quality finish every time.

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  • CRI Sands is a WA owned and operated family business.
  • CRI Sands produces only the best quality products servicing all large to small building, construction, cartage companies, councils and for the public.
  • On site at CRI Sands we provide digital weighing scales on all loaders and all products are weighed on our weighbridges provided by CRI Sands before leaving the premises.

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