Crushed Limestone: Uses in and out of the Home


Limestone is one of the oldest known building materials, first being used in Ancient Egypt to plaster the pyramids. If you’re looking for something as longstanding as the pyramids, or for a smaller backyard venture, crushed limestone is perfect for your next project.

CRI offers crushed limestone that comes in three sizes – 6mm10mm and 19mm – so you can choose the right limestone for you.

Our 6mm limestone is perfect for DIY, especially when building pathways. Or if you’re looking for a multi-purpose limestone then our 10mm limestone is accessible to homeowners and tradies for driveways. And, if you’re in the business of driveways or site pads, then our 19mm crushed lime makes for a superior aggregate material.

The 6 Uses of Crushed Limestone

1) Making Concrete

Crushed Limestone is an essential for making concrete and offers an attractive and long-lasting product.

2) Road Base

Roads need a strong aggregate such as crushed limestone to create their base. CRI’s 6mm limestone is a smooth aggregate that’s affordable and reliable.

3) Driveways

With all the benefits of gravel, limestone is a great alternative for your driveway, providing texture and colour in your project.

4) Agricultural Lime

Crushed limestone improves soil conditions for growing crops and can also improve the appearance of lawns and garden beds – that’s why both farmers and gardeners swear by it.

5) Under Slab Fill

During the building process, concrete slabs can’t be directly laid onto the earth, so crushed limestone helps to create an even and level base for underneath slab

6) Roofing Granules

Finely crushed limestone can be used to coat roofing materials as it works to deflect heat and protect buildings from the elements.

The 5 Benefits of Crushed Limestone


Crushed limestone can be used in different projects and always provides great results. Our limestone come in various gradients and sizes, so you can have the freedom of choice.


CRI supplies limestone throughout Perth, so you won’t have to delay your project, and if you run out then there’s plenty more of it.


Limestone is a cost-effective material which can be used to increase the lifespan of your projects, so you don’t need to worry about having to re-do things any time soon.


The earthy and natural tan colour of limestone is a beautiful addition to any home or garden. It can look modern or classic, and it’s easy to maintain and take care of.


Limestone is chosen for building and road projects because of its guaranteed long-lasting quality and toughness. It can provide that same durability inside or outside of your home.