The Many Uses of Brickies Sand

For bricklaying and building construction specialists in modern Australia, Brickies sand is the ‘sand of choice’. Good brickies sand should be clean and free from any vegetation or organic material, with both the precise blend of clay and silt. As a premier sand supplier, Carramar Resource Industries is one of Western Australia’s largest soil and sand supplier. Our brickies sand has set new bench marks in the market, for its perfect blending and bonding characteristics. For this reason, it is ideal for building, landscaping and gardening projects.

Why professional brick layers use our brickies sand?

We recommend Brickies sand (also known as ‘fatty’ sand), for bricklaying as it’s ideal for blending mortar, the process of laying bricks on top of each other, with a thin layer of mortar to build and create walls. Brickies sand, with its well balanced clay and silt content when mixed with cement allows for workable and sticky mortar. On drying and bonding the sand repels water, leaving behind a strong and structural join. Brickies sand can also be used for agriculture, sporting arenas and fields and most other jobs that require a sand material that has a medium clay content.

What is brickies sand made of?

Brickies sand with higher clay content is found in areas closer to the surface of the quarry, predominantly in the Western Australian quarries.

Brickies sand with higher clay content is found in areas closer to the surface of the quarry, predominantly in the Western Australian quarries. Bricklaying sand is very important to the building industry in Western Australia, as over 80% of homes are brick, cavity dwellings. Brickies sand, amounts for 70% of the mixture in mortar. The remaining 30% consists of other crucial elements of mortar mix, such as cement, lime, and water; integrated to achieve the desired mix. Brickies sand, a naturally occurring product, fluctuates in colour between quarries in Perth as a result of, minor variation in the percentage of the clay content. The brickies sand found in the quarries south of the Swan River have a darker shade of colour, compared to the ones found north of the Swan River. In most cases, the darker the colour of the Brickies sand, the higher the clay content. However, too higher clay content can cause the opposite effects on bonding and structural integrity. This can result in the mortar becoming weak and porous.

How can brickies sand be used you ask?

Brick sand is used for a variety of constructions such as:

  • Limestone block work
  • Wall construction
  • Sporting fields and arenas 
  • Garden and agriculture 
  • Roof capping and sand joints

It is also used as paving screeds and compacts as well as for landscaping, sculpting and gardening purposes.

Why you should choose Carramar Resource Industries for your bricklaying sand needs?

At Carramar Resource Industries, we believe in maintaining our high standards when it comes to all our sand products and their associated quality control. Once the sand is selected, it is blended and sifted through a three-stage screening process, which ensures that the sand is consistent in case of colour and texture; and is devoid of any foreign and/or organic material. After the screening process, each stockpile is sampled and tested to authenticate the high standard of our product.

As a successful family-run business for 20 years, Carramar Resource Industries has created a forte as a soil and sand supplier to Perth and the surrounding areas. We hope the information provided will offer you insight and information about Brickies sand for you to make a suitable choice. If you still have a query regarding which sand would work best for you or would like to get a quote, get in touch with us at 9405 3877 today!