Explore The Multi-Purpose Uses Of Paving Sand

Nothing beats sitting in a courtyard, surrounded by your loved ones, sharing a few drinks and having a good time. If you’re a person who loves hosting parties and being in charge of creating good times and good memories, a courtyard is your best bet! A small table, few chairs, and dim lights and you have a lovely venue right in your home!

Pavers are only as strong as the foundation they are laid on

The first step would be to find the right base material to support your pavers so that they won’t become imbalanced after a span of time. Carramar Resource Industries Paving Sand will assist in providing a strong foundation, whilst still allowing for free drainage in high-flow wet areas during heavy downpours without affecting the structural integrity of the base.

What is the best base for pavers?

As the suppliers of superior quality of paving sand in Perth, we recommend utilizing 50-150 mm of paver sand foundation, after compaction, beneath your pavers. If you are unsure of how much sand you would need to create a stunning courtyard, contact our friendly staff and let us know your project measurements, i.e. the length x width x depth in centimetres or metres and we will help you analyse how much paving sand you actually need.

So what exactly is paving sand and how is it made?

Paving sand, as the name suggests, is a coarse, finely graded multi-purpose sand, similar to screened brickies sand, that offers a strong foundation for pavers, concrete slabs, and blocks, and fills spaces in all kinds of paving. The most common type of paver sand is polymeric sand, a combination of all-purpose sand mixed with specific bonding agents such as polymers and silica. The coarse and gravel-like nature of this material makes for sharp, jagged edges that can interlock, compact well, and settle solidly to create a stable base.

When setting out to create pavers in your home, you need to be sure of the quality of the sand you use as a foundation. Inferior sand bases with insufficient clay content will cause issues after a point of time and will demand your time, and energy in the future.

What can paving sand be used for?

Apart from acting as a strong foundation for pavers, paver sand is also used for other foundations including the preparation of concrete pads, footings, oval and grass constructions, fibre swimming pools, and water tanks, just to name a few.

Find high-quality pavement sand in Perth

If you are looking for the finest polymeric paving sand in Perth, look no further than Carramar Resource Industries. We understand that an ideal foundation for any residential or commercial paving project rests solely on the efficiency of the paving sand — one which ensures that the pavers don’t shift over time!

At Carramar Resource Industries, we adhere to the standard of safety and superior quality, nothing short of what your family deserves. Contact us at 9405 3877 for a quote!