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What are your opening hours?

Monday to Friday 6am to 4pm
Saturday 6am to 12pm (however closed on Long weekend Public Holidays)

How much lead time do you require for delivery?

At a minimum 24 hours before you require the product on site, however if URGENT, please phone the office on 08 9405 3877 to see if we can squeeze you in.

Can I bring my car trailer into your quarry?

Unfortunately, No, we only allow trucks in our pit.  However, we can deliver to your home or workplace at reasonable prices.  Please phone 08 9405 3877 or contact us for a quote.

How do I calculate how much product I will need?

CRI works in both tonnes and cubic metres, if unsure how to calculate, head over to our calculator to assist you or call our office on 08 9405 3877

Do I need to wear PPE whilst on site?

Yes, we do require at a minimum Safety Boots and Hi-Visibility Vest which can be seen 360degrees of your torso, if you are planning on using your truck to deliver construction and demolition waste or collect sand from our quarry.

Are there any weeds in your Top Soil?

No, our topsoil is sourced from a virgin resource and then undoes a screening process which will eliminates foreign objects.

How big is the ‘scoop’ on your loader?

CRI is a wholesale business and we deliver in cubic metres or tonnes.  Unlike landscape yards who use term ‘scoop’ and have smaller machinery.

Do you require Particle distribution reports, to confirm your sand up to spec?

Yes, please contact the office on 08 9405 3877 and speak with Paul or Josh.  Please request these at the time you are ordering your sand.

How much sand will I need for my brick work?

On average 1000 bricks equate to requiring 1cubic meter sand for the mortar joints.

An average Western Australian 4 x 2 home would consume about 10 cubic meter of Plastering sand and 10cubic meters of Brickies sand in its construction.

What type of products do you recycle?

Construction and demolition waste which includes:  Bricks, Concrete, Limestone blocks, pavers, kerbing and sand.  We do prefer the loads to be separated and not mixed with other products as this will reduce the cost to you.

How important is it to get the right sand, for the right job?

The name of the sand of represents it use, however in some circumstances the products have a multipurpose.  If you require further assistance; Please contact our friendly staff on 08 9405 3877.

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  • CRI Sands is a WA owned and operated family business.
  • CRI Sands produces only the best quality products servicing all large to small building, construction, cartage companies, councils and for the public.
  • On site at CRI Sands we provide digital weighing scales on all loaders and all products are weighed on our weighbridges provided by CRI Sands before leaving the premises.

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