How to Choose the Best Sand for Your Project

Sand is a surprisingly versatile building aggregate. From pavers to playgrounds, freeways to footpaths, and rendering to road base, sand is integral to nearly every new build, renovation, and DIY project.

As Perth’s leading sand supplier, Carramar Resource Industries is the local authority on all things sand, stone and soil. In this blog, we will take you through the various sand supplies and varieties and their uses in the construction industry, at home and in municipal projects.

What are the different types of sand?

The first thing you should know when sourcing sand delivery in Perth is: quality matters. Whether you’re embarking on a weekend DIY project or laying the foundation for a factory, it always pays to source your sand supply from a reputable local company.

Here are some of the most popular sands and aggregates we supply at CRI.

Fill sands

As the name suggests, fill sand is used to prepare and backfill large construction projects.

  • Base preparation for concrete slabs
  • Filling for large civil works
  • Foundation for road construction
  • Levelling land for subdivisions

Our fill sand is cost-effective without compromising quality for construction projects.

Brickwork and masonry sands

With a higher clay content than regular sand, brickies sand is used to create mortar for bricklaying and masonry jobs.

  • Brickwork and blockwork joints
  • Under paving
  • Hardstands and pad preparation
  • Limestone retaining walls

We supply AS 1141.1 compliant white, yellow, and red screened brickies sand from Western Australian sources.

Plastering and rendering sands

When mixed with hydrated lime and cement, plaster sand makes an attractive, weather-resistant rendering for external walls. And when used indoors, plastering sand provides the foundation for a “float coat”, which prepares a wall for painting.

Plastering sand with a high fines content is a vital ingredient in modern building projects. It can also be used as top dressing for lawns and garden beds, to set pavers, fill low spots in your lawn or even on golf courses. 

Lawn and paving sands

Falling between plastering and brickies sand is paving sand. With a higher clay content than plaster sand and finer than “sticky” brickies sand, paving sand is ideal for:

  • Backfilling your garden
  • Flattening a surface for paving
  • Landscaping greens, bunkers and sports fields
  • Topdressing lawns

High-quality lawn sand has the pliability of plastering sand with the compaction strength of bricklaying sand.

White sand (clean/unwashed and washed)

White sand is not all the same – in fact, you will find two distinct varieties at Perth sand suppliers:

“Clean” or unwashed white sand occurs naturally in only a handful of WA quarries. Low in clay, organics and foreign materials, unwashed white sand is an effective filter. This makes it popular in paving preparation, coastal dune rehabilitation, commercial gardening and drainage cells.

After a three-stage washing process, we get bright white sand without clay, silt or silica. This clean, safe sand is the best choice for children’s playgrounds and sandpits, volleyball courts, golf courses, and anywhere requiring a clean drainage solution.

Crushed limestone

Limestone abounds in Western Australia. This is good news because crushed limestone has long-term benefits for soil, both during and after construction. Limestone is a versatile, robust and cost-effective material used in DIY, driveways, footpaths, through to site pads on large-scale construction projects. CRI supplies Perth projects with:

Gingin quartz

Also known as “river sand”, Gingin quartz is a coarse sand occurring naturally here in WA. The large particles and low fines content make it popular as an additive in high-strength concrete, as well as cement and floor screeds. 

But where crushed Gingin quartz really shines is in horse arenas and agistment stables. Our locally-sourced Gingin quartz is the #1 choice in both these settings.

Where to source your sand supplies in Perth

As a reputable sand quarry and sand supplier with 25 years of experience, Carramar Resource Industries deals in the best materials at affordable prices. We supply a wide range of high-quality sands, stones, and concrete materials for projects of all sizes.

Check out our products online or contact the team to discuss your sand supply requirements.