Concrete Agg 45mm

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What is concrete aggregate?

Concrete aggregate is a category of course-medium grained construction material that is used to provide compressive strength and add bulk to the concrete. 

Aggregate may include materials such as gravel, sand, crushed stone, geosynthetic aggregates and recycled concrete. Making up 60 to 80% of the concrete mixture, the aggregates are chosen for their:

  • grading
  • shape and surface texture
  • strength
  • durability
  • resistance
  • absorption
  • efficiency
  • workability

Aggregates may be natural, recycled or manufactured.

Natural aggregates – Sand and gravel are natural materials and are quarried, crushed and ground to a variety of sizes to accommodate various concrete mixture requirements.

Geosynthetic aggregates – In case of geosynthetic aggregates, volcanic material that has expansive properties undergoes thermal treatment.

Recycled Concrete – As for recycled concrete, existing concrete undergoes a procedure to modify its size. The concrete is broken and crushed into the desired size.

The main uses of Concrete Aggregate

Concrete recycling allows reusing valuable resource material, thereby reduces the amount of demolished concrete discarded off to landfill sites. Concrete recycling is an environmentally conscious effort that bridges the sustainability with the need for strong construction materials.

Concrete aggregate 45mm are large recycled concrete pieces that facilitate drainage while retaining space. It is mostly used to:

  • Drainage Backfill in pipe material and around subsoil lines
  • Drainage blanket
  • Drainage filter material for preserving walls
  • Filler in road foundations

What are the benefits?

Apart from the environmental benefits, recycled concrete offers the following benefits:

  • Using recycled concrete reduces the need to mine for new materials, thereby reducing the harm to the environment and the cost of mining and refinement
  • Great value for money
  • Easy to handle with a shovel and wheelbarrow
  • Recycled, quality material

With winter around the corner, ensure that your drainage and erosion control requirements are met by choosing Concrete Aggregate 45mm from Carramar Resource Industries. Concrete aggregate facilitates high level of drainage in all your runoff, drainage cells and/or erosion affected areas.

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