Lawn & Paving Sand

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Paving sand provides a compromise between both plastering sand and brick laying sand.

Paving sand is almost entirely used as a sand product for shaping, sculpting and screeds. All done with little to no blending or batching with cement, mortar or bonding products. 

Paving sand has the pliable nature of a plastering sand but the strong compaction and setting strength of a bricklaying sand.

Lawn sand is a popular product among homeowners in Perth who want to maintain a healthy and lush lawn. It is a mixture of sand and granulated iron sulphate, and it works by improving the quality of the soil, reducing moss growth, and promoting grass growth. In Perth, lawn sand is readily available at garden centers and landscaping stores, and it is easy to apply. Simply spread the mixture evenly over the lawn using a spreader or by hand, making sure to water it in thoroughly. With regular applications of lawn sand, Perth homeowners can enjoy a vibrant and healthy lawn all year round.

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