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  • House walls
  • Internal / External rendering
  • Top dressing of both lawns and garden beds
  • Paving preps – This is usually when compaction is not as crucial, but high drainage is of high importance
  • Screeds on both floors and walls

Plaster Sand Screened

Plastering sand, sometimes referred to as rendering sand, should be made up of both the correct particle distribution and the exact fines contents. The exact ratio of fines to particle distribution ratio, is both extremely important for structural integrity and or aesthetics of the finished job.

Unlike brick laying sand plastering sand is a lot less forgiving when both blending or making a mix.  This is partly due to the fact sand has multiple tasks to achieve. Plaster sand must have both strong bonding characteristics, but at the same time be pliable enough to easily work with and float on the walls, floors or surface.    

Compliance with Australian Standards (AS1142.1).