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Plastering sand and its usage

Plastering sand also known as rendering sand is a vital element combined with cement and water at exact ratios to achieve the ideal plastering material. It is pivotal that the particle distribution and fines content in plastering sand is precise to ensure the structural integrity as well as appearance of the final product. Plastering sand has strong adhering characteristics while maintaining the flexibility to work easily on floors, walls and/or surface.

How to use plastering sand ?

Plastering sand, hydrated lime and cement are mixed and applied to exterior walls. This process is called rendering.

Plaster sand is mainly used in the following ways:

  • A sand finish plaster on the exterior walls to protect it from harsh severities of the weather such as rain, wind and sunshine, while also providing thermal and sound protection to interior areas. The plaster is then coated with paint and texture coatings to achieve the desired aesthetic appeal. However, with the passage of time, the exterior walls undergo weathering due to exposure to harsh weather conditions. This demands that the plaster needs to be removed and the wall should be rendered with a new layer of rendering to safeguard the wall from deterioration.
  • In case of interior walls, a float coat is put on after which an attenuated finishing coat is applied to it. The finishing touch is a white set finishing coat – which is a soft set and can be repaired with paint. Plastering also allows you to explore and artistic and sophisticated ambiance with paint and/or wallpapers.

Does plastering sand have other uses?

Plastering sand can be used for other outdoor uses such as landscaping, to set pavers, fill holes and low spots in your lawn, and extensive gardening. It is also highly used in professional sports fields and golf courses. The minimal clay content in plastering sand facilitates drainage.

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