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Grade-1 Road base is grey in colour and is predominately used in construction of roads or pavement preparation areas. The strength of road base is determined by the hardness of product or stone that makes up the material. Our G1 Recycled road base is entirely made up of recycled / waste agitator concrete. This gives our road base the advantage of having a very strong stone make up including blue metal aggregate.

All roads start with a road base, which must be strong and stable to support the weight of the vehicles that will be driving on it. No matter what you’re constructing, without a strong and sturdy base, it won’t last. That’s why at Carramar Resource Industries, we provide only high-quality materials – with us, you’ll be in safe hands.

What is Road Base?

Grade-2 Road base is a material used in the construction of roads or pavement preparation areas and is almost entirely made up of recycled brick and concrete waste. Whether you’re constructing a road, parking area or footpath, you’ll be wanting a high-quality, sturdy road base.

There are different types of road bases available, with your main choice being the one between recycled road base and non-recycled road base. Our recycled road base is off pink in colour and has a softer stone makeup than G2 road base, making it more cost-effective for people doing large scale access tracks, car parks or laydown areas.

The uses of Road Base

Road base can be used in a variety of projects, both personal and commercial. Its common uses include car parks, driveways, walkways, roads and tracks, hardstand areas, and civil, industrial and farming compounds, however, it can be used for any compact job that you require.

The Benefits of Using Road Base in Perth

Road base has many advantages when used in both home and commercial projects – there’s a reason why it’s so popular!

Superior load transfer

Crushed concrete aggregates are very strong. They offer a strong load transfer and lock up well when used as a road base. When using concrete road base, you can be sure that it will hold up for many years to come.

Low unit weight

Road base is an affordable option in both home and commercial settings. It is very economically viable. When you choose recycled road base, this is especially relevant, as it is more affordable than its counterpart.

Less waste

The road base which we offer is made up of recycled brick and concrete waste. Recycling materials instead of allowing them to be thrown into landfills is a great environmental benefit. Australia produces up to 20 million tonnes of demolition waste each year – choosing recycled road base helps reduce the amount of that which goes into landfill.

Why Choose CRI Sands?

No matter which compacting job you’re doing, you’ll be wanting trust-worthy and sturdy road base. That’s why you should select Carramar Resource Industries. We’re a reliable, family-owned business that’s been servicing Western Australians for over 20 years. We’re known for providing high-quality construction resources, from road base to enviro mulch fine.

Our road base is environmentally sourced, sturdy and compact. It’s also cost-effective, so you won’t break the bank when sourcing from us.

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