Recycled Bricks

With our heightened understanding of the importance of environmentalism and the key role we play in conserving the environment, many businesses turn to using recycled bricks in their building activities. Not only does this minimise the need for mining and quarrying activities to produce new bricks, but it also results in significant cost minimising for the customer. It’s as good as the real thing, it diverts significant quantities of waste material from landfill, thus helping the planet, and best of all, it’s cheaper.

Environmental Benefits Of Recycled Brick

Investing in sustainable measures whilst also maximising profit for your business are two factors which Carramar Resource Industries strongly aims to enhance. We believe in the environmental benefits of using recycled brick, with studies showing it has a positive effect on the following:

  • Greenhouse gases. Processing landfill creates dangerous greenhouse gases, which add to the climate change dilemma we are already experiencing.
  • Energy use. By recycling brick, we spend less energy processing them in landfill.
  • Water usage.
  • Wastage. Demolition waste makes up over 50% of all waste going into landfill in Perth. Recycling bricks decreases this – and transforms waste into a usable material.

What Can Recycled Brick Be Used For?

Putting the bricks back to work is a great idea, especially now that we are in an era where the vintage style is in. The weathered look provided by recycled bricks is difficult and wasteful to get artificially, and as such, recycled bricks can be the perfect construction material for projects like that.

However, they are in demand in other construction projects too, even if the antique or worn look isn’t required. Fireplaces, walls, boundaries, remodelling projects and small building projects are just some of the projects in which reclaimed bricks can be used. Patios, landscaping projects, artistic endeavours and walkway construction also provide possible avenues where the use of recycled brick could be used.

Recycled bricks don’t have to be in excellent condition to be used in a project. If they are in extremely poor shape, they can be made into new bricks, broken down into aggregate or used as a base compound for ground surfaces, such as tennis and basketball courts.

Why CRI Offer Recycled Brick?

We believe in environmental sustainability. Many companies are aware of the potential consequences their actions may have on the environment and we provide a solution that saves them from creating more waste whilst also minimising costs.

Recycled aggregate is a viable and cost-efficient alternative to using new materials or dumping building waste into landfill. It saves new materials from being used, allowing them to be saved for future projects.

If you’d like to hear more about how recycled bricks can contribute towards a sustainable environment, contact us today on (08) 9405 3877. We’d be happy to assist with home or commercial land resources for your next project, and our knowledgeable and friendly team are available to answer any questions you may have.