Recycled Concrete Road Base: A Greener Road Base Material

Building quality new and refurbished roads are vitally important for our society, with the onus on our government and local councils to make the right decisions for a durable and sustainable infrastructure.

Similar to other forms of construction, a sturdy foundation is essential for a successful road development project. The base of a road – known as a subgrade – is an imperative step to get right, given it supports a top base as well as incredible pressure from each vehicle passing over each day.

Choosing the best road base material

Road construction projects requiring a solid foundation have several key factors to consider. As well as value for money (an unavoidable element given the restricted budget of local councils), it needs to have longevity, reliability, and low maintenance requirements.

Typical options include limestone, granite, crackerdust, and crushed gravel, which compacts closely as the smaller components fit together. A crushed concrete road base is a stable choice, as the versatile material mixes small, medium, and dust-sized particles to form a hard, compressed surface that’s perfect for supporting immense weight. 

What is recycled concrete?

Old or used concrete from construction and demolition sites is not just another waste product to be dumped. Concrete remnants are crushed using industrial equipment, with dirt particles then removed before creating crackerdust or recycled concrete; perfect for use as a recycled road base. 

Rather than sending unnecessary concrete waste to landfills, innovative companies like CRI Sands have been sourcing recyclable materials and giving them a new life. This practical reuse of valuable materials like conrect not only produces a lower cost for customers, but aids in reducing the environmental impact of road development. 

What is crackerdust?

Also known as crusher dust, crackerdust is a by-product created from recycling concrete. It’s made up of tiny dust and rock particles that form when slabs of concrete are crushed, and when used correctly it becomes highly compacted and suitable for creating sturdy foundations. 

What are the advantages of a recycled road base?

Material for use in a premium recycled road base Perth comes in two forms; coarse aggregate made up of medium-sized crushed concrete particles, and fine aggregate known as crackerdust. Both formats offer immense benefits for road bases:


The mix of smaller concrete pieces combined with dust particles allows the materials to lock up well together, and form a highly durable foundation to support serious weight for years to come.

More economical

Recycled concrete comes as a crushed material, providing a lower weight unit as a compacted material rather than a solid one. This provides a higher volume for the same weight as alternative materials, creating a financially beneficial product for both vendors and customers.


Reducing the amount of raw materials needed for involved road construction projects means bigger environmental benefits. The use of recycled materials prevents unnecessary waste in landfills, while reducing C02 emissions created by extracting new materials, and transporting it long distance.

How do you source recycled concrete?

Choosing innovative solutions for construction projects is a forward-thinking approach to development, but in order to do so a quality supplier of the best road base material needs to be found. 

Local councils like the City of Canning have already adapted to using a recycled concrete road base, having committed to sustainability and improving practical waste management systems. Having carried out sufficient research, and connecting with key partners in their community, they’ve successfully completed extensive construction projects using recycled materials. 

To follow in their footsteps and achieve impressive cost savings while diverting waste from landfills, consult with concrete recycling experts at CRI Sands, who are dedicated to helping you achieve more, for less.

Get quality recycled road base with CRI Sands

As long term industry leaders in vital industrial products, CRI Sands are proud to be community innovators when it comes to championing recovery projects and recycling activities. 

Passing the benefits of repurposing demolition waste onto our valued clients for use as a recycled road base Perth is invaluable to use, as it not only benefits local communities but helps protect the environment. In addition, we also offer Grade-1 grey road base and Grade-2 off pink recycled road base for large scale use such as tracks, carparks or laydown areas.

Contact us today for any queries about our recycled products, or to learn more about the benefits of choosing repurposed materials for development.