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At CRI Sands, we are striving to expand our recovery and recycling activities while addressing the potential for recycling recovered building and demolition waste into a reusable, re-saleable product. Our team considers this offering to be an investment in the future sustainability and profitability of our business, the local economy and of course in the protection of the environment.

Why recycle construction waste?

Did you know that construction and demolition waste make up over 50% of the waste going to landfill in Perth? We see this as an opportunity to provide the building and construction industries, local councils, government authorities and the general public with an alternative way of managing this waste by transforming it into a useful, reusable material.

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Recycling Perth’s unwanted concrete

For a long time, concrete has simply been discarded from demolition sites into landfill. However, in recent times, we have learned of better ways to utilize the rubble left over when a concrete structure is demolished. It is becoming more and more popular to use recycled concrete in order to reduce costs and avoid unnecessary waste. At CRI Sands, we crush old concrete and transform it into a recycled road base product for sale.

When the concrete has been crushed down to a useable size, and has had any excess material removed, there are a number of ways it can be used. Small pieces of recycled aggregate may be used as gravel, forming a base layer for roads or footpaths, over which another layer of new concrete can be poured. Larger pieces of recycled aggregate can be utilised for many different things such erosion control.

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Minimising our impact on the environment

In a world where many companies are mindful of the potential consequences their operations may have on the environment, using recycled aggregate is one way to contribute towards a sustainable environment. Using recycled aggregate is a viable and cost-efficient alternative to just dumping building and demolition waste into landfill. Another positive benefit gained when using recycled aggregate is that materials that might otherwise have been used in creating new concrete can now be left alone or saved for future projects.


  • CRI Sands is a WA owned and operated family business.
  • CRI Sands produces only the best quality products servicing all large to small building, construction, cartage companies, councils and for the public.
  • On site at CRI Sands we provide digital weighing scales on all loaders and all products are weighed on our weighbridges provided by CRI Sands before leaving the premises.

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