Sand or Soil: What is Best for Your Next Landscape Project?

Are you undertaking a landscaping project? One of the most common questions that property owners ask sand or soil suppliers in Perth, is what landscaping material they should use. Is sand better for your property or is black topsoil the better choice?

At Carramar Resource Industries, we have immense experience supplying soil and sand for residential and commercial landscaping projects. As the premier soil and sand supplier in Perth, we can help you make the right choice for your project. Contact us today for sand and soil delivery in Perth and across WA.

All about sand products in Perth

What is sand?

Sand is a natural material that is composed of granules. It is formed through the breaking down of rocks over millions of years. Sand contains a variety of minerals. Depending on the geographic region and the nature of the water body that eroded the rock, sand comes in different types.

What are the common types of sand for landscaping?

As a premier sand supplier in Perth and surrounds, we sell the following types of sand for landscaping:

What are the advantages of sand for landscaping?

  • Sand can help your land breathe
    Sand gives your land a grainy and airy composition, allowing your seedlings to breathe. The larger the grains of sand, the more breathable the landscape will be
  • Sand provides warmth to the ground
    Sand is used across the world to heat and cook food. But did you know that using a layer of sand in your landscape can speed up the germination process of your seeds? This is because sand can trap heat from the environment and this is helpful during winter.
  • Sand is easier to dig out 
    Sand is much looser than other landscaping materials and this makes it easier to dig up. If you have weeds or a pest infestation, it is easier for you to treat your garden/landscape and move sand.
  • Sand is very easy to store
    Sand doesn’t get ruined in different weather. In fact, it’s really easy to store and can be used over the course of months without worry. So if your landscaping project takes a long time to finish, sand won’t spoil. You can get it ahead of time and store it for later use.

All about soil products in Perth

What is soil?

Soil is a natural combination of organic and inorganic material formed by the earth. It is formed by the weathering of rocks and both live and rotting organisms. Soil is rich in water and various nutrients, which vary depending on where the soil is sourced from.

What are the common types of soil and organic materials used for landscaping?

Our Perth soil supplier specialists can supply the following types of soil for your landscaping project:

Feel free to contact us for soil delivery in Perth and surrounding areas.

What are the advantages of soil for landscaping?

  • Soil provides nutrients essential to plants
    Soil is made up of a variety of rocks, minerals, plant matter, animal matter and microbes. This infuses a lot of nutrients into the soil. When you use soil for your landscape project, you’ll be able to create a nutrient-rich land, which your plants will love.
  • Soil reduces your dependence on chemicals like herbicides
    The unique nutrient composition and microbial activity in soil ensures plants and seeds are kept in good health. The soil will also stimulate the birth of helpful microbes and garden life, which will prevent pest infestation.
  • Soil maintains your garden’s natural hydration
    Soil contains water and more importantly, retains water much longer. This is why soil is excellent for landscaping if you live in a dry/arid place.
  • Soil prevents waterlogging & erosion
    Soil can drain water very easily. This ensures that there is no water logging when it rains and no erosion of your landscape’s rocks. Your garden will be in perfect condition even after heavy rains.

Sand vs Soil: Which is better for you?

Both sand and soil are incredibly useful for landscaping. At Carramar Resource Industries, our sand & soil supplier in Perth experts will be able to evaluate your landscape ideas and recommend the ideal material. Feel free to reach out to us today to learn more about our soil and sand delivery Perth service.