The benefits of using recycled bricks

Recycled bricks are topping the popularity charts and the reason for it is the performance of a traditional brick, the appeal of a rustic-charm setting merged with an environmentally conscious choice all packed into a cost-efficient package.

Types of recycled bricks

There are two types of recycled bricks – whole bricks and crushed old bricks.

Whole bricks are used in vintage construction projects. It is also used in the construction of small buildings and remodelling projects, fireplaces, boundaries and walls. If you wish to explore your artistic side, you could also use recycled bricks in landscaping, patio and walkaway construction.

Crushed old bricks is achieved by collecting waste bricks from construction sites, crushing and screening it. The outcome is rainbow-coloured crushed bricks that are ideal for drainage, garden bed mulch, rockeries, stone features and ponds.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Carramar Resource Industries aims in investing in sustainable measures while ensuring that the business grows steadily. By bridging our business model with an environmentally conscious plan, we aim to invest in our future. Studies show the following benefits that recycled bricks have created:

  • Greenhouse gases are emitted in the procedure of processing landfills. By reusing and recycling bricks, the landfill process is reduced there by reducing greenhouse gas emission, which in turn is a step towards fighting the causes of climate change.
  • By recycling bricks, energy used to process landfills is conserved.
  • Water usage is reduced when no new bricks are produced.
  • In Perth, 50% of the landfill waste comprises of waste from demolition. By recycling bricks, the waste is transformed to a usable material.

The Design Factor

Recycled bricks provide a rustic charm that is hard to not awe at. The weathered look, the colour and the authentic aspect gives any vintage remodelling project a certain timeless, classic appearance that new bricks just cannot compete with!

Budget friendly

Recycled bricks are considered to be 20% cheaper than new bricks. By choosing used bricks, we eliminate the need to mine and quarry and also significantly reduce the resources required to process a landfill.

Why choose CRI?

We guarantee to fulfill your needs at affordable costs while maintaining the quality of our products and work towards improving the quality of our environment. Being a family owned and operated business, we have been offering quality products in Perth since 1996. Our efficient, reliable service and competitive rates have built our reputation of being the best in the business. It is transparency and exceptional service that makes our customers choose Carramar Resource Industries every time.

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