The Different Types of Brickies Sand and Where You Can Use Them

Any brickie worth their salt knows there’s sand, and then there’s sand. Brickies sand, also called “sticky” or “fatty” sand, has unique properties to accommodate water and cement and make the perfect mortar.

In this blog, we’re going to put our heads in the sand. By the end, you will be full-bottle on brickies sand, including where to find the best brickies sand supplier in Perth and how to decide which colour sand to choose for your next project.

What is brickies sand?

Bricklaying sand has a higher clay content than regular sand. This makes the sand stick together (hence the “fatty” nickname) to create a workable, flexible mortar ideal for bonding bricks.

Builders rely on brickies sand because it:

  • Creates great mortar
  • Makes bricklaying easy
  • Has a clay/fines blend that sticks bricks together
  • Repels water

What are the different types of brickies sand?

White brickies sand

White might be the most popular brickies sand we supply to Perth customers. With a cleaner, brighter finish than yellow or red sand, white brickies sand is perfect for feature walls, modern brickwork and blockwork requiring a lighter joint.

Yellow brickies sand

Yellow sand has a higher clay content than other colours. This makes it easier to mix with cement, with superior water-repellent properties as it hardens. Most commonly used in paving, bricklaying and filling jobs, yellow sand is a staple in masonry.

Red brickies sand

Lighter and more pliable than yellow sand, red brickies sand is most commonly used for brick walls and landscaping projects, including pools.

What is brickies sand used for?

The clay and fines mix of brickies sand make it ideal for mixing into strong, easily applied mortar in masonry projects. You will find brickies sand:

  • In the mortar holding up your brick wall
  • Underneath pavers
  • Between limestone blocks in retaining walls
  • Bonding ceramic roof tiles
  • Holding up hardstands

Bricklaying sand is a versatile building material. Not much has changed in its 2,000+ year history, except the quality and purity continues to improve.

Where do you source brickies sand in Perth?

CRI is the premier brickies sand supplier in Perth. We source high-quality sand mainly from dune sand or depositional sand because these provide an optimal grain size and shape. However, you can also find brickies sand made from dredged river sand.

Dune sand, also known as sharp sand, has little to no clay content. Depositional sand, on the other hand, mixes with clay as it washes down from the foothills. Therefore, we will often create a 50/50 mix of dune and depositional sand to make bricklaying sand that meets building standards.

Ensure your aggregates comply with AS 1141.1 by only sourcing from a reputable brickies sand supplier.

Of course, tradies or DIYers can’t just head to the beach and collect dune sand. A Perth sand supplier like Carramar Resource Industries sources, cleans and screens high-quality sand to meet Australian Standards.

This means 9% or less of the sand passes through a 75µm (75-micron) sieve. Any more than 9%, and the clay content is too low to create a robust and water-repellent mortar.

How much does brickies sand cost in Perth?

Brickies sand can cost between $40 and $140 per cubic metre (m3). The cost depends on the quality, supplier and source. Still, you should always ensure the sand complies with AS 1141.1, meaning it passes the 75µm sieve test and is thoroughly screened.

Sourcing brickies sand for your next job

Carramar Resource Industries supplies Perth’s best brickies sand. Whether you need white, yellow or red sand for your next project, delivered in bulk or by the trailer load, CRI will help you get the job done.

Never underestimate the importance of high-quality brickies sand sourced from a reputable supplier. Like any construction material, the perfect mortar makes all the difference to projects of any size.

Call Carramar Resource Industries on (08) 9405 3877 or contact us here to discuss your brickies sand needs.