What Are Recycled Crushed Bricks And Where Are They Used?

For too long, it’s been the norm to simply toss unwanted building materials away, letting them pile up in overfilled dump sites. 

Innovative suppliers of building materials like CRI Sands are on a mission to change that, focusing on effective ways to create and distribute recycled bricks to leading construction and development teams across WA.

Utilising discarded concrete to make crushed bricks has multiple benefits for customers as well as suppliers, providing affordable means to divert waste to useful products that also benefit both the environment. Read on to learn more about recycled bricks, their uses, and key benefits.

What are recycled bricks?

It’s common for construction or demolition projects to produce waste concrete and rubble, but what shouldn’t be so normal is for these building remnants to go to nothing. Creating recycled bricks from leftover concrete is an innovative way to reuse these materials, resulting in sturdy, cost-effective building tools suitable for many residential and commercial development projects. 

Crushed bricks are created by grinding up old concrete into small and medium sized aggregates, as well as fine particles known as crackerdust. These pieces are screened for dirt and put through another impactor, before being divided by size and formed into new bricks. 

What are the main uses of crushed bricks?

There are many scenarios where it’s beneficial to look for recycled bricks for sale. Given they come in different sizes and formats, there is immense flexibility in when and where they can be effectively utilised. 

Prominent uses for crushed brick focus around building and construction projects, from small home landscaping designs to large-scale developments such as new roads. Industries such as roofing have found reused concrete makes an ideal replacement for the pea stone traditionally used for weighing down rubber, thanks to their high level of drainage and sturdy weight.

Both smaller 20mm crushed bricks and larger 45mm recycled bricks are perfect for landscaping uses like rockeries, aesthetic features, adding drainage, and commercial agriculture. By retaining the original brick tones of red and brown, they make visually appealing additions to gardens and driveways. 

What are the benefits of using recycled bricks?

From a practical perspective, using recycled crushed bricks can open up the possibilities of your building project thanks to the positive effect their affordability can have on your budget. Concrete aggregate offers a higher volume of material for the same weight as more traditional materials, allowing trusted suppliers to pass on this economical benefit to each valued customer. 

The aesthetic appeal of quality recycled bricks for sale also makes them an ideal addition for landscaping, with their natural, warm tones fitting subtly into rock gardens, stone or water features, walkways, and even mulch.

A sustainable choice

Sourcing quality materials for both commercial and residential development uses is a major part of both the longevity and sustainability of your project. Opting for a recycled product is a practical, cost-effective decision, enabling new construction and landscaping projects to continue without harmful effects on the environment and surrounding communities. 

Choosing 100% recycled bricks is a fantastic eco-friendly move, as it not only prevents waste material making a pointless journey to the tip, it avoids huge C02 emissions being created from the mining, extraction, and transport processes needed to source new raw materials. 

Perth’s premier supplier of recycled crushed bricks 

CRI Sands are one of the leading suppliers of quality recycled crushed bricks to both commercial and personal clients, offering a wealth of industry knowledge and premier production skills to create highly durable, versatile products for construction and development projects. 

With the continued expansion of recycling activities and recovery methods for preventing valuable used concrete materials from going to waste, the goal is to offer sustainable, affordable recycled brick products to the community and invest in our collective future. 

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