What Are the Benefits of Recycled Concrete?

At Carramar Resource Industries, we utilise recycled concrete in Perth as a way to help minimise costs on commercial and residential projects. We crush old concrete and transform it into a recycled road base product, amongst other things, which has a variety of uses for both commercial and residential applications. By using recycled concrete, you are also reducing the environmental impact of your project, as most concrete removed from demolition sites make up 50% of our landfills.

Recycled concrete aggregate, once screened and processed, is just as durable and sturdy as new concrete materials. Using industrial equipment, the recycled concrete is broken down into smaller parts known as bricks cracker dust or crushed concrete. To ensure you are still receiving the best quality products, this crushed concrete aggregate is screened to remove any pieces of steel, metal and other leftover dirt and debris that could affect the integrity of the concrete. 

Recycled concrete is used by local councils, homeowners, contractors and landscapers for practical problem-solving in big and small projects including:

Road base

All roads start with a road base that must be durable enough for vehicles to drive on. Recycled concrete provides a stable and sturdy base layer that another layer of new concrete can be poured on top of to create a strong stone makeup. CRI Sands produces a quality road base material that can be used for a variety of roads and tracks, car parks, hard stand areas and civil, industrial and farming compounds. 

Retaining wall and erosion control

Layered concrete is a structurally reliable way to create a retaining wall and prevent erosion from runoff on hills and uneven slopes in your yard. 

Pathways and landscaping structures

Crushed concrete is a great base material and perfect prep for paving. For a uniform look, ensure you use crushed concrete from one project so the size and colour of the aggregate matches and is easier to create your designs. Crushed concrete creates a porous surface to allow rainwater to filter through. 

Raised garden beds and lawns

Adding crushed aggregate is an alternative to gravel to improve drainage and creates warmer soil that allows for faster and more successful growth in spring. Layering crushed concrete is a practical base for building a raised garden bed and maintaining the structure. 

Besides its many practical uses, the benefits are perhaps even more attractive when choosing recycled concrete. Several benefits include 


Recycled concrete is significantly less expensive to produce and requires less resources, mining and extraction, which means you can have the same uses and effectiveness as new concrete aggregate while significantly minimising costs. 


Recycled aggregate is structurally reliable and versatile and can be used for construction jobs, landscaping applications and home improvement projects.  It is as safe as natural aggregate materials with the added benefit of never cracking or requiring repairs. 


Recycled concrete is considered a green construction material. Using this material is an environmentally conscious choice and means less non-biodegradable materials end up in Perth landfills. For this reason recycled concrete is becoming widely available in Perth. 

Choosing CRI for your Perth recycle concrete needs

If you require recycled road base for a large-scale commercial project, or are looking for an alternative to gravel solutions CRI Sands have been offering quality products and services in Perth since 1996. With transparency and a commitment to fulfil your needs while saving you money, Carramar Resource Industries are one call away from helping you achieve your home improvement goals.