What You Need to Know Before You Buy Sand in Western Australia?

Sand is such an integral part of a variety of construction and landscaping projects. When you are buying sand from sand suppliers, it pays to know what type of sand they sell. There are many kinds of sands available in Western Australia today. A reliable sand supplier in Perth, like our team at Carramar Resource Industries, will be able to help you make the right decision that’s suitable for your bespoke project.

In this article, we explore a few key things that you need to know about sand from Western Australia and their benefits for different projects.

What are the different types of building and construction sand in Western Australia?

  •  Plasterer’s sand

This type of sand is has a lower composition of fines and is used for plastering and some brick-making projects. Its fine texture makes sure the sand retains water easily and is cohesive. This type of sand is workable and gives a very smooth finish to the block, adding elegance to the property.

  • Brickies sand

This sand has a higher clay / fines content and is typically used to lay bricks/blocks.

  • River sand or Gingin Quartz

This type of sand is almost pure crushed quartz and it doesn’t contain clay or other materials. It is excellent for equestrian arenas and stables, plus garden beds.

  • Washed white sand

Also known as white washed, this sand is the only option for sand pits / play areas (such as long jump pits or playgrounds) for kids.

  • Fill sand

Clean yellow fill sand with a higher clay content is ideal for construction sites, house pads, swimming pool fills and low points, for example, as it provides excellent compaction and is free draining.

  • Crushed limestone

Crushed limestone or dolomite rock, depending on the size of the limestone, can be used for everything from driveways/pathways to hardstands.

If you’d like to learn more about any of these sand types, contact your trusted sand supplier in Perth.

What are the advantages of choosing a reliable sand supplier?

Working with a reputed sand supplier in Perth can be hugely beneficial for buyers, traders and bricklayers. Here’s why:

  • Sand suppliers can recommend the most suitable product, and keep a consistent quality product under ISO 9001.
  • Reputable sand suppliers will have extensive knowledge about the type of sand to use for different construction projects. They will be able to recommend the right sand type to you.
  • Experienced sand suppliers will be able to easily evaluate the quality of the sand and ensure you receive the best quality sand for your project.
  • Reliable sand suppliers will know suppliers who can help you access those rare or hard to find Western Australia sand types, which you may not get locally.
  • Larger sand suppliers operate trucks of different sizes and will be able to support your requirements, no matter how big or small.
  • More diversified sand suppliers sometimes also sell soil and stone, taking care of your various construction needs.
  • Sand suppliers in Western Australia will be able to deliver across the state and can become your trusted sand supplier Perth.

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