Enviro Mulch Fine

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A natural looking mulch that is ideal for your home garden or large commercial landscaping projects.

Enviro mulch regularly applied will reduce water evaporation from soil, regulate soil temperature and reduce erosion.

From pine needles to straw, we’ve all used mulch at some point in our lives. It’s great for our garden beds, vegie gardens and landscaping needs – and it’s especially helpful when it’s high quality. For all your mulch needs, don’t hesitate to contact Carramar Resource Industries today.

What is Enviro Mulch

Mulch can be defined as any material that is spread over soil as a covering. Whilst there are a variety of types available, they can be separated into two classes: organic mulches and synthetic mulches.

Organic mulches

Organic mulches are sourced from organic materials, such as pine needles, bark and straw. Over time, they will decompose, during which they will provide your soil with nutrients. Each type of organic mulch has its own benefits. Grass, for example, is ideal for areas where you wish to suppress weeds, whereas bark is ideal for trees, shrubs and garden beds.

When choosing an organic mulch, it is important to consider what your needs are and select a mulch that is best suited to them.

Synthetic mulches

Also available are synthetic mulches. Whilst they don’t add nutrients to the soil, they don’t require replacing as often as their organic counterpart. Examples of synthetic mulches include black plastic, stone, and landscape fabric.

The Main Uses of Mulch

Mulch is used for a variety of landscaping projects, from garden beds to walkways to vegie patches.

We should all be using mulch – here are a few top reasons why.

Water conservation

Mulch is ideal for retaining moisture in the soil, which stops the soil from drying out. This can significantly reduce the need for watering, potentially even halving it.

The enviro mulch fine that Carramar Resource Industries provides is ideal for reducing water evaporation from your soil.

Weed prevention

Weeds compete with plants for nutrients and water. Mulching resolves that issue by preventing weed seed germination – which means you won’t be getting anywhere near as many weeds, if any.

If weed prevention is important to you, check the sources of your mulch to ensure it won’t sprout.

Soil temperature

Plants can be sensitive. When the soil is too hot, they can burn, or experience root damage. Mulch helps regulate your soil temperature by providing a barrier between the soil and the elements, leading to healthier plants.

Nutrient boost

As they decompose, organic mulches add extra nutrients to the soil, giving it a welcome nutrient boost.

Why Choose CRI Sands?

The right mulch will uplift and enhance your landscaping project. Whether you’re looking to create a garden bed or a greenhouse, Carramar Resource Industries would be happy to help. We’ve been selling mulch and other construction resources for over 20 years, so you know you can count on us for your enviro mulch needs.

We have your best interests at heart. If you’re ready to purchase mulch, or if you have any questions, you can reach us on (08) 9405 3877 or by visiting us here. We hope to hear from you soon.

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