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Recycled concrete

Recycled concrete is the by-product of crushing old concrete from demolition sites to reuse as recycled road base product. The concrete from demolition sites are usually sent to landfills which comprises of at least 50% of the landfill waste. However, in the past few years, at CRI Sands we utilize the rubble to minimise cost and maximise environmentally sustainable impact.

By using industrial crushing equipment to break up the concrete to small aggregates, old concrete is turned to recycled concrete or bricks crackerdust. It is run through another impactor and then screened to remove dirt and separate the aggregates based on size.

Recycled bricks offer a versatile way to reuse demolition materials and bricks by converting it to crackerdust used for artificial lawn, water tank base and paving. It is a cost-effective technique that eradicates the risk of shifting over time, improves drainage and significantly increases the endurance of your lawn or pavement. 

Uses of recycled concrete

Recycled concrete can be used in a wide array of construction projects, while improving the design of the project and minimising the harm on the environment.

  • Recycled bricks can be used instead of new aggregate to mix into concrete, thereby maximising its usage
  • Recycled concrete can be thoughtfully used for driveways, walkways and outdoor surfaces. The crushed concrete offers a porous surface through which rainwater can filter through.
  • Lining up vulnerable stream banks with large pieces of crushed concrete facilitates better erosion control.
  • Breaking up the concrete pavement to use as a ground layer for asphalt paving is increasingly becoming a recommended technique.
  • Sizeable chunks of concrete carefully arranged offshore assist in the building of new coral reef habitats.
  • Recycled concrete can be substituted for gravel to aid drainage

What is crackerdust?

Crackerdust also known as Crusher Dust is a subsidiary product of concrete recycling that is economical and compatible. It can be used to as a foundation to stabilize surfaces where compaction is needed. After crushing the concrete to a useable size and removing the excessive materials, the crackerdust can be used to form the base of footpaths and roads, over which a new layer of concrete is poured. It also facilitates higher degree of erosion control and drainage.

Benefits of using recycled concrete / crackerdust

By recycling concrete and bricks to produce materials that aid in construction, CRI Sands is reducing the waste that goes into landfills in Perth. The cost for mining and extraction of new materials is also reduced since old concrete and bricks are modified to achieve the desired output. The environmental benefit of bricks crackerdust is exceptional as it preserves the natural habitat while recycling and reusing the existing materials.

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We guarantee to fulfill your needs at a competitive cost while maintaining the quality of our products and work towards improving the quality of our environment. Being a family owned and operated business, we have been offering quality products in Perth since 1996. Our efficient, reliable service and competitive rates have built our reputation of being the best in the business. It is transparency and exceptional service that makes our customers choose Carramar Resource Industries every time.

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