Building your Grassed Backyard: Using Paving and Lawn Sand

Nothing compares to a bright green lawn. Beautifully lush grass, minus the weeds and moss, is not only a visually pleasing base for any garden but a comfortable layer to have underfoot. If you’re in the process of redesigning your outdoor space or fitting out a new space, there are key steps you need to take for that perfect emerald green lawn we all aspire to. 

Grass is an eco-friendly plant that acts as a protective layer for the earth, making it a visually-pleasing addition to any home. While proper fertilisation and suitable weed killers are well-known aids for a stunning lawn, did you know both can be achieved with the right lawn sand?

Learn more about this essential top soil dressing, and why a trusted sand supplier is key

What is lawn sand? 

Lawn sand is a dressing placed on top of the earth to aid grass growth. Used widely by golf course and landscape specialists, more homeowners are realising the power of a quality lawn sand supplier, and how this top dressing can repair uneven growth and promote a healthy lawn.

Acting as a naturally selective weed killer, lawn sand works best when applied at the start of spring rather than colder months when grass is dormant. The ultra fine grains allow the sand to rest on the surface, deterring outwardly expanding moss and weeds while avoiding the vertically growing grass, seeping into the soil to simultaneously fertilise soil. 

What you need for a stunning lawn

An immaculately manicured lawn is not as unattainable as you might think. Purchasing lawn sand from a reputable sand supplier means repairing holes and uneven areas while controlling weeds, preventing diseases from spreading, and nourishing grass growth. 

Made up of sand, iron sulphate (prevents moss) and ammonium sulphate (a fertiliser), quality Lawn and Paving Sand like the premium product from CRI is ideal for top dressing lawns and preparing for pavers. 

Depending on your requirements, further variations of paving and lawn sand are available for lawying pathways, paving preparation, acting as sublayers, and top dressing specifically for garden beds.

Choosing the right grass for the best results

Lawn sand is a fantastic way to promote grass growth for real grass turf, as well as prevent moss and weeds from disturbing an artificial lawn. The choice is yours; real grass is better for the environment and is easy to grow, whereas artificial grass requires minimal maintenance and less water use but is more expensive and can be less comfortable underfoot.

Whichever option you choose, wait until grass or new growth begins to appear after the winter months before applying quality top dressing from your knowledgeable sand suppliers. Leaving it too late can result in the soil becoming scorched from the chemical compounds within the top dressing. A key tip for application is to mow the lawn at least three days beforehand and afterwards.

What are the benefits of working with superior sand suppliers

Choosing the right supplier relies on finding naturally occurring lawn sand procured by experts. High quality sand top dressing is essential for promoting growth without excess harmful chemicals – CRI Sands are experienced in sustainable materials that deliver premium results.

Opting for a reputable supplier who offers reliable sand delivery means your lawn can resist disease and moss growth, while improving the soil structure through reducing water retention and issues from earth compaction.

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