The Benefits and Uses of Washed White Sand

cri sands white sand

The aesthetic properties of washed sand make it a popular choice, both for professional commercial projects with professional finishes and residential properties looking to boost curb appeal.

White washed sand is a versatile and reliable construction material suitable for many applications, with off-white unwashed sand an excellent choice for gardening, drainage, and much more.

Discover everything you need to know about clean sand and white washed sand, from how they are made to sourcing quality ethical sand products in Western Australia.

What exactly is white washed sand?

White washed sand in Perth is a highly cleaned, free-draining sand that is pure white in appearance. Known by names such as beach sand, utility sand, and bunker sand, it has a noticeable soft texture thanks partly to a lack of clay content in this thoroughly washed silica sand.

This impressively clean sand product is washed three times to remove silt, silica, and clay, with impressively white results. Unlike clean white sand which is naturally off-white (found in a limited amount in WA quarries), white washed sand does not stain therefore making it suitable for public spaces and playgrounds. 

Common uses of unwashed and clean washed white sand

The combination of a durable sand product with an attractive aesthetic makes white sand suitable for a diverse range of indoor and outdoor applications for both residential and commercial projects:

White washed sand

  • Children’s playgrounds
  • Backyard sandpits
  • Golf bunker
  • Sporting complexes
  • Volleyball courts
  • Gunite swimming pools
  • Inland beaches
  • Aquariums
  • Top dressing for artificial lawns
  • Fine rendering and wall systems
  • Gap sand for pavers 
  • Fine finishing for concrete 
  • Creating white mortar
  • Free-draining needs

Unwashed clean sand

  • Landscaping
  • Product blending for commercial gardening 
  • Drainage cells
  • Filtration mediums
  • Dune and beach rehabilitation
  • Horse stables
  • Sporting and entertainment arenas

The many benefits of using white sand in Perth

One of the main advantages of acquiring washed or clean white sand from a reputable WA provider is reliable quality control in a cost-effective package. A proven washing process at CRI Sands adheres to strict quality control measures, creating a durable and readily available sand product. Other benefits include:

Clean and pure

Washed white sand has no impurities, with a thorough 3-stage washing process removing any silt, dust and other unwanted miniscule particles. This makes it particularly safe for use in playgrounds, as well as reliable sand for construction


Natural sand is becoming more and more scarce, making it an unsustainable material for construction. Manufactured white sand protects natural sand and protects their riverbed sources from damage. 

Excellent drainage 

Both washed and clean white sand offer superb drainage both alone and as a filtration medium, thanks to the low clay and silt content and large size of the sand grains. Free-draining material like white sand is ideal for landscaping, lawns, and more. 

Strong and versatile

Washed sand is a multifunctional product suitable for a wide range of interior and exterior projects, and the low clay content in both clean and washed white sand provides high strength for construction materials such as mortar.

Buy white sand from a superior supplier today

CRI Sands are a leading provider of premium white sand in Perth, with a focus on top-quality products and sustainable operations. 
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