Construction and Building Sands: The Common Sand Types Used

As experienced builders will know, multiple key details separate a good construction from a great one. One of those essential components is quality sand, used for both bricklaying and building development. Commonly known as bricklayers’ sand, it contains high levels of clay ideal for blending and bonding when mixed with cement. 

Whether your speciality is commercial, civil, or landscape construction, having a reliable sand supplier in Perth is one the most important means to guarantee a successful build. 

The following guide outlines typical uses for brickies sand, the wide variety available from leading industry providers at CRI Sands, and the benefits of working with premium building materials. 

The different types of building sands

Multiple types of building sands are available for a wide range of uses, from residential landscaping projects to large-scale commercial developments.

Yellow sand

One of the most popular formats used for masonry and bricklaying, yellow brickies sand has a high clay content and water-repellent nature suitable for a wide range of paving, filling, and bricklaying uses. 

Plastering sand

Also known as rendering sand, plastering sand has finely ground particles ideal for a smooth finish. The strong results from an exact amount of water and cement, allowing flexible application on walls or floors. 

White sand 

Washed white sand is valued for its light-coloured finish, perfect for contemporary building and landscaping needs. Having undergone multiple washing stages to remove silica, clay, and silt, white sand is ideal for mortar and free-draining applications.

Common applications for building sand

The versatile nature of brickies’ sand makes it suitable for a wide range of uses during construction and landscaping, the most common being bricklaying, paving, filling, and bonding. 

The construction of bricks, building brick walls, and creating retaining walls using limestone, are some of the most-used applications for building sand, as well as sand joints and roof capping. With a highly durable finish, hard stands like parking areas are created using building sand, and the tough seal makes it ideal for bonding ceramic roof tiles. 

Key uses during the building process

Lawn and paving sand is another common application, where a high level of pure sand makes it ideal for sculpting, shaping, or screeds (an alternative to concrete). Offering a middle ground between plastering and bricklaying sand, paving sand is both pliable and strong setting. 

Working with a reputable sand supplier in Perth is essential for professional builders and bricklayers, ensuring a quality product is used to create workable, sticky mortar when building walls. 

Also used extensively for bonding and drying thanks to its water repellant nature, brickies sand can be used for agriculture, sporting arenas, and many other areas of construction. 

The benefits of choosing top-quality building sands

Working with premium sands when a building is essential for quality construction that can go the distance. When quality sands are used, there is no risk of degradation, water damage, or poorly sealed areas, even after an extensive period.

The benefits of top-quality fatty sand sourced from approved locations mean working with highly compactable materials designed to add essential toughness to each build, whether you’re completing an outdoor swimming pool or carrying out bricklaying. 

CRI Sands have a long-standing reputation as a reliable sand supplier, with each product adhering to Australian standards and building codes required for effective results each and every time. 

Work with a leading sand supplier in Perth

CRI sands are leading providers of quality building, paving, and filling sands for extensive construction applications. As experienced suppliers of sand, stone, and concrete materials, you can rely on versatile products for residential, commercial, or council building projects. 
Browse our range of premium sand products online now, or contact us today for a personalised quote or to discuss delivery options.