The Benefits of Screened Soil

Topsoil is a key ingredient to growing any type of plant in your garden. From herbs, to flowers, to large plants and fruit trees, nutrient rich topsoil is needed for gardening a few inches or feet from the ground’s surface. Topsoil usually consists of a mixture of manure, sand, clay and silt; and is darker than other layers of soil because it is rich in decayed plant matter and the site of meteorological, fungal and bacterial processes that are constantly at work to break down the dead debris.

There are two types of topsoil – screened and unscreened, and here will explain why screened topsoil is more beneficial for your gardening.

Why Screened Soil?

For the top layer of your garden, screened soil is the best option. Screened soil is soil that is filtered through a mesh of a particular size during the manufacturing process, providing you with a much more consistent soil particle size and filters out most of the debris. The mesh comes in a variety of sizes, so ask an expert what particular aggregate size would be best for your needs.

The benefit of this is that topsoil with a consistent particle size across a garden bed will allow nutrients and water to flow naturally through the soil creating a healthier growing space for your plants. Once you till it into your garden’s natural topsoil, your plants’ roots are able to grow deeper into the ground. This is especially beneficial if you want to grow fruit trees and other large plants. They also have more of a chance to thrive at an equal rate.

Drawbacks of Unscreened Soil

Relative to screened soil, unscreened soil is inexpensive. However, unscreened soil does not bear the same consistency as screened soil for use as a productive growing product. The alternating mixture of large and small particles can inhibit the growth of plants’ roots and their ability to gain nutrients. The roots can then become trapped between the odd-shaped particles and lead to plant damage such as root rot. Unscreened soil is therefore best left for jobs like landscaping, rather than being tilled into your garden bed.

So Why Choose CRI?

Carramar Resource Industries (CRI) is Perth’s largest sand and soil provider, servicing injectable methandienone online more than 80% of the Northern Suburbs alone. Its black screened topsoil is naturally occurring rich black soil that CRI screens and blends to make the highest quality garden soil for your home. Its high organic makeup can grow a large variety of plants, including natives, vegetables, lawns, trees and shrubs. Did you know they also deliver soil to the Perth region? Contact their expert team now to find out how CRI can help make your home gardening experience that much easier here, or on (08) 9405 3877.