How to Recycle Old Bricks and Their Creative Uses

recycled crushed bricks

Have you joined the popular upcycling movement yet? Reusing recycled bricks to create new features at your residential or commercial property is one the most effective ways to upcycle durable construction materials, while also minimising your carbon footprint. 

Creative landscaping projects can transform your property and add a big splash of your personality. Recycling old bricks provides the ideal substance for many unique (and sustainable) outdoor features, so read on to learn how you can make innovative additions to your property while preserving the history of old bricks.

What happens to old bricks?

Too many second-hand bricks are wasted by being sent to landfills, on the assumption that a used or damaged brick can serve no additional purpose. This could not be further from the truth! The ideal bricks for recycling are older formats where limestone mortar was used, as opposed to immovable concrete. To check if a brick has easy-to-remove limestone simply scrape it with a key, and if it budges easily then get to upcycling.

So, can bricks be recycled?

The right bricks can easily be recycled, with typical approaches happening in two ways:

Crushed bricks

Old bricks can be turned into recycled crushed brick chips or fine particles, ideal as a cost-effective alternative for a wide range of DIY and commercial projects. Quality crushed bricks are created via a thorough screening and crushing process, resulting in both aesthetic appeal for landscaping features as well as functional uses like drainage and fill sand.

Repurposed bricks 

Cleaned bricks can be made into a new wall or landscape feature, with attractive plants growing from the in-built holes. Older bricks tend to have their own unique character which is hard to replicate, and using repurposed bricks is a common method of achieving a period-specific look.

The environmentally-friendly benefits of recycling bricks

The harsh effect of quarrying and mining on our environment makes the recycling of bricks a powerful way to rescue greenhouse gas emissions, as well as keep unnecessary waste materials created producing new bricks out of landfills. Can bricks be recycled? These durable salvaged materials absolutely should be! 

Creative applications of recycled bricks

The rustic aesthetic appeal and fascinating history of many old bricks make them a dream material to use in new creative features and practical applications. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the potential of second-hand bricks, with both repurposed whole bricks and versatile crushed brick chips to choose from. Innovative ideas include:

  • A fire pit or fireplace
  • Feature walls, especially with colour recycled bricks 
  • A vertical garden
  • Retaining walls
  • Ponds or rockeries
  • Paved driveway or garden paths
  • A brick border for the edge of garden beds
  • Use whole bricks as plant or candle holders
  • Paving or fill sand 

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