The Uses of Concrete Aggregate For Residential Projects

Finding the right material for your residential building project not only delivers an aesthetically pleasing solution but provides affordable and long-lasting results ideal for your home.

We’ve all heard of concrete, but did you know the versatile, eco-friendly nature of crushed concrete? Increasingly sought after as a construction material thanks to its accessible and adaptable make-up, crushed or aggregate concrete is made up of construction debris such as crushed rocks, coarse gravel, stone, and sand.

Discover key benefits and uses of concrete aggregate for your new or existing residential project. 

Types of concrete aggregate

Quality concrete aggregate from reputable suppliers like CRI Sands is typically available in multiple formats, each one carefully chosen for specific benefits and suitability for common residential building projects. 

Known as a reliable medium-grained construction material, favorable attributes include durability, strength, remittance, workability, versatility, and adding bulk, shape, and texture to concrete. Types of concrete aggregate include:

Natural aggregate

The natural materials of gravel or sand can be easily crushed to various sizes to suit concrete mix requirements.

Synthetic aggregate

Made of geosynthetic materials ideal for stabilising terrain, synthetic aggregates typically contain volcanic material that’s undergone thermal treatment.

Recycled concrete

Used or existing concrete is broken down and crushed into the desired aggregate size for reuse, resulting in a versatile and eco-friendly building material.

The many uses of crushed concrete

One of the main attractions of concrete aggregate is the various available sizes, making it a suitable material for a wide range of residential projects including:

  • Landscaping, including garden beds and decorative features
  • Drainage material for backfill, filtering or preserving walls
  • Exposed aggregate on patios, sidewalks, driveways, and pathways
  • Use on poolsides and pool decks thanks to a high level of grip
  • Building retaining walls, pavers, and bricks
  • Concrete pad base (between the soil and concrete slab of a home)
  • Making pre-mix concrete

75mm concrete aggregate

CRI Sands offer concrete supplies in Perth which is ideal for use in drainage, landscaping, filter material, masonry, manufacturing tiles, and making pre-mix concrete.

45m concrete aggregate

Recycled 45mm concrete aggregate from CRI Sands is suitable for drainage filter material, drainage blankets, drainage backfill, preventing erosion, and road filter material.

What are the key advantages of exposed aggregate?

Exposed aggregate is crushed concrete used as a visible cement finish for decorative or functional residential projects. Made up of multiple forms of aggregate including pebbles, rocks, sand, and gravel, each visible component creates a unique finish that can even resemble a mosaic.

The many benefits of using exposed concrete for your landscaping or construction projects at home include:

  • Great traction or grip – ideal for paths and driveways
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable, and long-lasting
  • Eco-friendly nature made of recycled materials
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Versatile
  • Cost-effective

Quality crushed concrete from CRI Sands

Carramar Resource Industries (CRI sands) are renowned suppliers of quality, eco-friendly building materials for use in a wide range of residential projects. Whether you’re completing a fun DIY landscaping project or a more extensive home construction job alongside professionals, each concrete product from CRI Sands is sourced with the local environment in mind and supplied at highly competitive prices. 

Choose between environmentally-friendly recycled 45mm concrete aggregate for drainage or erosion control, or select the versatile 75mm crushed concrete for a vast range of landscaping and masonry requirements.  
Contact CRI Sands today to purchase concrete in Perth, or calculate the amount of crushed concrete needed for your exciting residential project here.