What Is Lawn Sand And How Is It Used?

Widely used in turf care and favoured by golf courses and turf specialists, lawn sand is a versatile and popular product.

What is Lawn Sand?

Lawn sand is a naturally occurring powder, made up of a combination of three different ingredients: sulphate of iron, sulphate of ammonia and sand. Whilst the sand itself offers no benefits to the lawn; it operates as a carrier to help with the application of the two sulphates, which are highly beneficial.

Sulphate of iron is the main ingredient in lawn sand. It is responsible for killing moss, suppressing disease, discouraging earthworms and greening up the lawn. Sulphate of ammonia is also highly valuable – it is a nitrogen-based feed that encourages grass growth and helps encourage lawn recovery after moss removal.

Although lawn sand is often used as a top dressing for lawn and turf, it has many uses, which we explore below.

What Is It Used For?

Lawn sand is used for a variety of reasons. It is primarily used to protect against disease and to control weeds, but it can also be used to promote growth, which allows appliers to repair holes and uneven areas.

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When to Apply Lawn Sand

When applied during winter, lawn sand will not be as effective. Although the iron sulphate will do it’s job and kill moss, the sulphate of ammonia will not be effectively absorbed. It is better to apply the lawn sand when early signs of grass growth become visible – which is usually when weather is warmer or during the beginning of spring.

If applying lawn sand for moss control, springtime is ideal.

Applying Lawn Sand

Lawn sand comes in a powder. Although it is easily applied by hand, application with a spreader is more effective, as even application is necessary to avoid damage to the lawn. It’s important that application occurs on a calm day, as wind can blow the product away.

Mowing the lawn before applying lawn sand is also a good idea, as it will be more effective.

Whilst easily applied by hand, it is more effective to apply using a spreader. Needs to be applied evenly to avoid damage to the lawn. Be sure to apply the sand on a calm day as wind will blow the product away. It is also a good idea to mow the lawn before applying the lawn sand. If you’re unsure about the rate of application or grams per square metre, ask the company for directions.

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